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We are certain that you select your health practitioners with careful deliberation. We understand that you are free to choose from a number of qualified dental professionals, and we will attempt to exceed your expectations regarding your dental health care. While this website promotes Mini-Implants, our 6 Month Braces technique and Periolase laser “no cut, no sew, no fear” periodontal treatment you should be aware that our general practice office also offers a wide array of cosmetic general dental procedures. Everything from exams and cleanings, to whitening systems and cosmetic white fillings and crowns. If it will result in a beautiful smile, we probably do it!

Our computerized xrays,
fast and easy to see!

Many personally signed astronaut photos can be found throughout the office
As a patient in our practice, you can expect a difference: an initial visit that includes time to confer with Dr. Esposito during and after your complete dental exam; a confirmation call to remind you of each appointment; same-day treatment of emergencies, since we allow time each day for our patients’ immediate needs. you will find the highest state of the art dental equipment available, such as our digital (computerized) x-ray system which greatly reduces radiation and electric handpieces which eliminates much of the "whine" of the dental drill that you are accustomed to hearing;

One of our newest pieces of technology is a Zeiss surgical microscope. Dr. Esposito utilizes this microscope for ALL restorative procedures and obtains magnification impossible to reproduce with the typical eyeglass type magnifiers more commonly in use. This magnification allows unprecedented attention to detail. The results? Well, we prefer our beautiful patient smiles to speak for themselves!

Whether you are a regular patient at our office, or simply seek adult orthodontics only, you can expect the same high level of professionalism you require of any health practitioner, namely: that we keep abreast of developments in our field, using modern equipment and current techniques with the highest degree of ability and skill; that you will receive a thorough examination and an accurate diagnosis; that we will explain our findings to you in detail and will set a fair fee for the indicated treatment; that we will not proceed until you agree to both the treatment and the fee; that we will respect your time by making every effort to start treatment on schedule and to complete it in as few visits as possible.

Our belief is that cost should not stand in the way of good dental care. We will make every effort to provide you with a treatment plan that fits your timetable and budget. Our office participates with several high quality insurance plans such as NCAS, Cigna PPO and Dentemax/Coallition for America PPO. Of course, we accept credit cards and, if desired, can assist you in procuring variable length interest free loans through Care Credit so that you can initiate your treatment and make your desires a reality!

Oh, and our staff is second to none! Maryann, our dental hygienist, has been with the office since 1994, Jodi, Dr. Mike’s dental assistant, since 1996 and Christine, the patient coordinator, is a very valuable recent addition. These knowledgeable team members are here to make your visits both efficient and comfortable. In addition they can provide you with a wealth of information…from insurance matters to various dental techniques. Just ask!

We seem to attract the nicest patients as well, here (right) Mr. Mike M. brings us a delicious homemade pizza, yum!

If you are interested in becoming a patient at our office, or would like to receive more information, please call our office coordinator, Christine, at 570-421-0431.

We hope to see you soon!
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