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Technology has enabled us to perform dental “miracles” never before seen or even imagined. All you have to do is watch a one of the popular extreme makeover shows on television to see amazing results. Can we do it? Absolutely!

Having attended a myriad of cosmetic dentistry courses, and then becoming so involved that I actually lecture to other dentists on the subject, has all allowed me to bring to you the lastest innovations in cosmetic dentistry.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a healthy mouth and the cosmetic dentistry that fits your purposes. This includes porcelain crowns (more commonly called “caps”), white resin fillings, make-over veneers, implant crowns, whitening kits, 6 month braces to straighten out your smile, well, you name it, we probably do it! Please take a look at our picture gallery some examples of what we can do for you.

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