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Our number one goal is to create a healthy environment in your mouth. For your teeth to stay right where they are they need a healthy foundation, that is where your periodontal (gum) and underlying bone condition comes in. You would not want to build a beautiful house on a bad foundation, would you? The same analogy applies to your teeth. Do you really want to invest the time and money on beautiful cosmetic fillings and crowns only to lose the teeth a short time later due to gum disease? No, I’m sure you would not! Our focus is to insure the foundation is secure and we do this with periodic x-rays and regular testing, or probing, of the gum tissue to detect problems.

You can even do a self test. Do your gums bleed? Does your breath smell? Have you been previously diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease? There are various levels of gum disease from a slight case of inflammation called “gingivitis” to advanced periodontal diseases. But the good news is that it is a treatable problem. We now have the technology to treat all phases of this disease.

Treatment can range from a regular cleaning (commonly called a prophy) to deeper cleanings and a program called Soft Tissue Management which includes “scaling and root planing” for those with more moderate periodontal problems. Now here is where the really impressive part comes in, previously, if you were diagnosed with more advanced periodontal disease you were referred out to a gum specialist called a periodontist. This specialist would attempt to correct the effects of the disease with traditional cut and sew surgery. To be honest, it usually wasn’t a lot of fun as it involved long healing times and often was associated with pain and discomfort…not to mention the results were less than aesthetic!

Perhaps you are like countless other patients suffering from this problem yet have put off treatment due to the discomfort and unaesthetic results often associated with traditional cut and sew surgery. If so, you are not alone.

But, we have GREAT news! Dr. Esposito is now fully trained and licensed to use the Millennium Dental’s Periolase MVP-7 laser and the patented Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT) protocol. This is the ONLY laser to be specifically developed for the treatment of periodontal disease using the LPT protocol. Be aware, not all lasers are created equal and no other laser can use the LPT protocols.

What does this all mean to you, the patient? Well, that’s REALLY the great news! The Periolase laser enables treatment of periodontal disease without the cut and sew technique, that means it’s virtually pain free! The procedure is usually done in two visits and is so comfortable that you can even return to work afterwards if you desire.

We are the first and only office in Monroe County to offer this treatment and have had years of experience. As a matter of fact, Dr. Esposito has been so impressed with the results that he is currently undergoing further continuing education to become a certified instructor for the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) organization.

So remember: No Cut, No Sew No Fear!

If you would like further information regarding Millennium Dental and the Periolase MVP-7 please visit their website at: 

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