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Dr. Esposito uses microscope magnification to capture the absolute smallest detail

The Zeiss Pico microscope
with video capability
Who would have ever imagined the dentist using a microscope to achieve unprecedented magnification and capture detail as never before?! Previously, the only place you would see such a device was in a operating room for a neurosurgery procedure. In fact, the microscope used in our office for ALL restorative dental procedures is a Zeiss Pico surgical operating room microscope. This allows us to capture incredible detail and leave nothing to chance!

We have even gone the extra step to equip it with a video camera so that you too can see what is present in your mouth, as we always say, seeing IS believing! You may wonder why every dental office does not utilize this wonderful aid to treatment. The truth of the matter is that it that it takes time to introduce it into the office environment as extensive training is necessary. I have become so involved with applications of the microscope that I currently train other dentists in its use.

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED) has done much to promote the benefits of microscopes and you are welcome to visit their site for more information I feel very fortunate to be a member of this small international group of professionals who have taken the time to think outside the box of the ordinary and expand the capabilities of modern dentistry.
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